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Designed to meet the highly specialized training needs of staff serving children, youth, adults and families in Ontario.

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Electronic resources for professionals such as: journals, e-books, databases to improve access to appropriate, relevant and reliable evidence based information.

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Strategies for Supporting Complexly Traumatised Children and Adolescents
Learn theoretical knowledge, clinical approaches and specific techniques based on theories in developmental traumatology to assist you in your work with the most challenging and high risk trauma clients. Open link...
From Compassion Fatigue To Self-Compassion (Webinar Series)
Compassion fatigue is flourishing and it’s unrealistic to think that anyone can endlessly overlook his or her own needs, and still have the energy and commitment to give fully to others. Learn about the webinar series. Open link...
Addressing Self Injurious Behaviour - 2 New Locations
Colleen Kamps will help you learn hw to identify those at risk, how to approach children/youth who self-harm, and develop a range of treatment strategies. Learn more about this important course. Open link...
Take advantage of significant savings when ordering multiple subscriptions for your organization. Depending on the amount of subscriptions, you can save more than 25%! Click on the Link for more information on the Virtual Library Open link...
Want to Join Our Training and Consultation Team? APPLY TODAY!
Safeguards supports the needs of organizations for training, workplace learning, consultation and resources. We are looking to contract experts to facilitate this work. Why Join SafeGuards? Are you passionate about a particular topic? Have you ever thought about sharing your ideas and expertise with others on more of a formal level? Click on the link to upload the application... Download file...
A growing number of agencies seek customized training to meet specific needs. Safeguards and our topic experts work with your agency to develop the best training possible. You choose the deliver model that meets your budget and needs: in-service, webinars, videoconference or online. This is an efficient way to optimize your training dollars. Open link...
Rethinking Respite to Create Meaningful Lives in the Community: Webinar Recording Available
Learn strategies for creating a positive respite relationship that is built upon mutual trust. Prompt positive discussions with support providers, caregivers, and family members to better understand how to encourage individuals and their families to create meaning in their life through respite. Open link...
Wandering and Bolting: Keeping our Kids with ASD Safe: Recorded Webinar Now Available.
A must for everyone working in ASD. Dr. Paula Hutchinson speaks to: the risk factors associated with wandering and bolting, possible causes and planning preventions to reduce risk and ways to respond when it occurs. Open link...
Dual Diagnosis: Anxiety and Mood Disorder (Webinar Series)
The high frequency for mental health problems in this population paired with a high probability for trauma have important implications for caregivers and respite workers. (Recorded webinars now available.) Open link...
Ethical Issues: Balancing Competing Legislative Requirements - Recorded Webinar Series Now Available
Clinicians are always having to balance competing legislative requirements. This 4 part webinar series with Bill Helmeczi will examine and review three primary pieces of legislation through illustrative case example to see how they can adversely affect treatment planning and service coordination and how you can balance the spirit of each act to help the clinical process. Open link...
Transitions into Adulthood: People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
This 3 part webinar series with Sheila Mansell covers three separate but interconnected aspects of the essential transitions from child to adolescent to adult. Recorded webinar now available. Open link...
Practical and Sustainable Strategies for Trauma-informed Work - Free Webinar
Dr. Patricia Fisher speaks to issues and strategies that are also part of the intensive research based online program: Valuable Work -- Meaningful Life: Effectively Addressing Stress, Burnout & Trauma in the Workplace. This course is available through Safeguards. Open link...
Safeguards Training Channel - the best way to keep an eye on our up-coming trainings and webinars!
Subscribe to our Safeguards Training Youtube Channel for up-coming video clips from our trainers about our training programs and webinars. Open link...
Safeguards' Policy
The following includes policy on: cancellation, refunds, confirmation, privacy and terms and conditions for the Respite Discussion Board. Read more...

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